Eleventh Circuit Restricts Physical Access to Courthouse, Provides Exemption from Paper Filing

The Eleventh Circuit’s General Order No. 44 (March 15, 2020) provides that:

• Access to the Tuttle Courthouse and Godbold Building is restricted to judges, Court staff, members of the media, and visitors with official Court business;

• Paper filings are to be made by delivery to the Court’s dropbox at the Godbold Building’s entrance on Poplar Street between 8:30 and 5:00 on business days;

• Individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have had a known exposure to COVID-19, have been instructed to self-quarantine, and/or are experiencing flu-like symptoms may not enter Court buildings or submit paper filings, and should contact the Clerk’s office for further instructions; and

• If a party is unable because of the Court’s COVID-19-related restrictions to submit paper copies of electronic filings, the party will be excused from the paper filing requirement upon filing a notice stating that (a) the party is unable currently to comply with the requirement, but (b) will do so at a future date to be determined by the Court.

Posted by Valerie Sanders

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